Fauna and Flora

Aloe gariepensis is a very hardy aloe from the arid regions of South Africa and Namibia and is restricted to the lower reaches of the Gariep River also known as the Orange River.

This Aloe  has a restricted distribution on both sides no further then 1 km from the riverside of the Gariep River which marks the boundary between Namibia and Northern Cape Province of South Africa. In these arid environments the plants occur from 150 to 800 m above sea level and prefer steep rocky slopes and crevices which in extreme cases are associated with desolate and barren conditions void of other perennials. Populations are scattered throughout the Nama and Succulent Karoo from Keimoes westwards to as far as the Gariep River mouth.
We are proud to have the densest population of these aloe right here on our premisis.  

They flower during August and September.

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Aloe Gariepensis


Only 6% of a extremely high biodiversity are being protected by the government in the form of National Parks in the Northern Cape province. To help protect the fauna and flora conservation areas have been created and is administrated by the private owners in which these areas consist off. Since 2008 Kalahariwater  forms part of the Gariep Flora Conservation area. Included in this area is Tierberg Nature Garden, Richter- Veldgarden at Koms, Loerkop and Koms Quiver tree Nursery. This is only the 4th conservation area in this province.