Small Beginnings

In July 2003, Dirk and Hettie Malan, started the Adventure Holiday Farm expansion as an extension of the already established wine farm.

As owners they are part of the fourth generation that farms on this part of Malanshoek. Originally it was known as Bokeiland or Buck island if directly translated. It was the property of Klaas Bok since 1885 and was bought in 1926 by Dirk's G great grandfather, Jan C Malan. With very humble beginnings G grandfather Dirk and later father Pieter started cultivating the earth. At present the farm has 30ha vineyards and 33ha rocky hills overgrown with unique indigenous Aloe gariepensis.

The current units and swimming dam (Oupa Piet se Dek) was the homestead and farm dam in which Dirk was brought up. The foundations were laid in 1952.

Current Farm Activities

  • The farm's activities consists of the growth of vines for the production of wine and raisins. We mainly farm with wine grapes which are supplied to the Orange River Wine Cellars for the produce of wine and grape concentrate.
  • Cultivars include Chardonay (white), Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Tannat (all red). Also the traditional Chenin Blanc, Colombar(white) and Merlot, Ruby Cabernet(red)
  • The Orange River Wine Cellars started making wine in 1968 and currently harvast around 200 000 metric tons of grapes at their 5 wine- and 1 juice- cellar that is found all along the banks of the  lower orange river . Feel free to visit their webpage for more info on the top quality wines and tours.
  • Raisins is produced from mainly the traditional Sultana which were first planted in 1918 next to the river and is supplied to various Dried Fruit Corporations like Red Sun Raisins just outside Keimoes on the N14 to Upington.
  • At present most of the Sultana is being replace with a Merbein cultivar that produces better yielding
  • There are 3 types of raisin namely:
    • Thompson's, the dark brown ones which are dried on concrete floors in the sun.
    • Bleached, which after a treatment process are dried in the shade on wire racks.
    • Goldens, which after a treatment process are dried on wooden trays in the shade.

“Very pleasant, clean and peacefull. We only had the opportunately to stay there one night but will return whenever the chance comes along.” - Magda Storm